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I'm setting some text about a book that has a title with a word in all caps (example: UNTOLD: The Story Not Told). What is the best way to do this? My thoughts are that in headings it would be all caps just like the above, but in text UNTOLD would be U[smallcaps]ntold[/smallcaps] (that is, Untold with the "ntold" part in small caps, mixing the case). I also considered just ignoring the all-caps aspect in the text (referring to it as "Untold: The Story Not Told" in the text, but I'm not sure I can get away with that.

Thanks for your help!

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In text, use full caps or small caps or u&lc. This is partly an editorial decision. But not caps & small caps.

Does your text face actually have italic small caps?

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Yes, Adobe Minion Pro has italic small caps. I'm leaning towards using u&lc and not worrying about the title being in all caps then.

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That the tittle was in all caps in the original book was simply a design decision. It has nothing to do with the title per se. As mentioned above, the usual determination would be made by an editor; if you're having to take that role, I think you're quite right to set it U&lc in the text.

I do occasionally change a *style* for a title, almost alays with figures. If I were setting a book where Catch 22 occurred a lot in the text, I'd use lining figures for the title, even if old-style was generally used for the text. Same with The Crying on Lot 49, etc. But not full caps -- unless you know for sure the full caps were the original autor's preference.

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In choosing capitals for extended text I recommend some interesting comments by H & FJ:
You are of course not limited to H & FJ fonts. Also, if you are just doing a few words this would seem to be a minor consideration.

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