Font for innovation in agriculture and organic farming

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Hello this is my first message in this forum. I am freelance consultant and I am working in an agriculture/farming project I am not an expert in typography but I understand it’s value. My standard typefaces are FFMeta+FFMetaSerif, not very original but I like them… :-)

To increase my practice on typography and see new things I am considering to use a specific font set for this project. After examining "The Anatomy of Type" book I have as candidates Cronos+FFClifford, looking at the specimens on the websites the combination to my inexperienced eye looks good. To have an idea I also looked at the reports of one big Big BIG US company on this topic and they use Sabon+CorporateS, Sabon plus my already bought FFMeta also looks good to me but for a reason I can not see agriculture on those.

I would appreciate any idea/recommendation; the idea around the topic in my report is innovation in agriculture and organic farming.

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Why not make a study of agricultural publications to get a feel for what kind of typography signifies “organic” and “innovation” within that sector?

Or see what Monsanto’s graphics are like and do the opposite.

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Thank you for your answer. Regarding Monsanto they are the ones with Sabon+CorporateS ;-).
I have made a bit of research and the only relevant source that I have found with in my humble opinion interesting typography is using Precious Sans, but it seems that they are still developing OpenType and while I really like their "g" and "s" glyphs there are not old style figures and I really like to use that feature.

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In addition to publications, you also might want to check packaging of organic and health food products. Maybe make a trip to Whole Foods or a local health food store.

Although from your description of "innovation in agriculture and organic farming", I'm not sure if you're just focusing on organic, or on farming innovation in general. Less than 5% of total food sales in the U.S. are organic, so a lot of "innovation" in farming is probably in other areas, such as improved farming technology.

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