Using Web Fonts in Mock Up Stage

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Hello everybody.

I recently started to get into web typography and until now things look a little chaotic. I guess my biggest concern is how the fonts render on screen in different browsers, different os etc. Since I start all my design as illu or ps mockups it is crucial for me to know what the font will look like from this early stage. I guess the worst scenario here would be that when you run the live version of the font you realize that it looks different than the one you used in your mockup. Since the desktop and the web fonts are essentially two different files would it be possible that are inconsistencies in thinks like x height weight etc? I found this plugin by extensis which enables you to preview webink fonts inside ps but i guess even that uses photoshops built in rendering algorithm. So has anyone come up with a solution to this problem. I'd be glad to hear any ideas ont the subject.

Thanks for your time.

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