Need some advice on a Font from 1912

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I'm looking for some advice. I am going to be having a tattoo shortly, and i need the right font for the quote that i will have on me.

The quote is from 1912, from Captain Oates, His supposed last words, and i'm looking for a font to really capture the quote. A font accurate to the period, but also something that resembles a Diary Entry? Something handwritten.

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated, the font really needs to fit the quote.

Thank you so much.

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Maybe some of these will give you inspiration:
Or, have you searched for images of Oates' letter to see what his handwriting looks like?

Maybe Voyage would work for you:

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Voyage looks very much like what i'm looking for! Thank you so much Special-K

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A font accurate to the period, but also something that resembles a Diary Entry? Something handwritten.

None of which describes Voyage. Careful—attractive though Voyage is, it is a popular style now that may look dated in a few years.

Here is an item from my grandmother’s autograph book; I believe it is a man’s hand.

A handwriting font like Olicana would be closer to your specification.

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Or one of Laura Worthington's script fonts, which have more vigour than Voyage. I would take a look at Azalea.

While the story of Oates' futile sacrifice is moving, I think I'd be more inclined to a quote from Shackleton, who brought all his men home alive: "Superhuman effort isn't worth a damn unless it achieves results."

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The quote has two main links to me, one, it is what inspired me to travel (The quote is included in a travel tattoo), and secondly, the story of Captain Oates was told to me by my father, who has designed the tat.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, i'll take a look at them all and have a think

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I think Olicia is great - Its rather nifty too how one can type "mistakes" like ink smears, blotches and scribble outs.

I found this image of Oates handwriting from an auction listing if it helps:

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