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I am currently working on a logo design for an italian food blog that has to communicate a sense of professionalism and elegance .
After a series of drafts this is what I ended up with. The typefaces I used are a classical italian Bembo and a more sleek and modern Avenir for the more serious text "Addiction". I am in a position where I think I can kind of see the potential in the idea, but something is still off, something needs to be improved in order to make the logo shine.
I need some third eye points of view from the persons of the community, so any feedback/comments about it will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for the attention

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Indeed your logo gives an air of professionalism and elegance. I like very much the Bembo for 'Italian' word, but when I read 'addiction' is like NOW something wrong is happening. It directs me to a law firm... Of course, addiction by its meaning is not a positive word, but I would see it as an image, literally an image, which would convey that you 'stick' to it, cannot get rid of it. Therefore, sans serif, for me at least, is not giving this notion to the word. I tried to make 'Italian" sans serif and 'addiction' serif, but I didn't like it. Somehow, you have to emphasize the notion of 'addiction'. I was thinking of a typeface that would look like being engraved in stone, which would highlight its strong power, 'of being addicted to something'. It would say: now I am engraved in stone, try to get rid of me... :)
In the image below I used fonts which I had (Trajan Pro), sorry for that! :( But the middle points are quite roman and in some way emphasize word's strength, especially when you try to read it. It makes you stop between the points. It is just a way of seeing it, not something that I propose. Maybe, the image will lead you to find some new techniques for your logo.
Have you tried making "Italian" calligraphic, without using any fonts, make it by yourself, an elegant script and "addiction" in lowercase, serif maybe?
And by the way, I used a line because you used one. It may be not necessary. But is not bad at all too.

Will you share with me how to make an attachment instead of inserting the image? It saves space on the screen. Thanks!

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Hi Tatiana,

Thank you so much for your reply, that was extremely constructive and helpful .
I see your points and like your idea for the concept, I will definitely take your suggestions and be back soon with some new stuff :)

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"Addiction" is a strong word that implies compulsion, strong emotion, etc. Your treatment is too precise and controlled. You might try putting "addiction" in a totally different font than "Italian", perhaps a script that looks strong and energetic.

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