Mher Nastaliq Font pdf Sample

here you can see the pdf vector samples of Mher Nastaliq Font.

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you may also visit our site having more samples of Mher Nastaliq Font and calligraphic and Designe work samples of Nasrullah Mher.
The face book page of our font is

The face book page of Nasrullah Mher is

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Mher Nastaliq font is an impressive piece of work.

Nastaliq style is really a very big challenge for all type designers. There are a very few character based OT Nastaliq fonts available but personally I have found that these available fonts can not satisfy a user. Nasrullah Mher has really done a fantastic job. All the shapes are as perfect as required and this result cannot be achieved without high ambition and years of hard work. Till yet it is the only character based OT Nastaliq font that gives such a beautiful result.

I also got time to view the above mentioned website. It contains real master pieces of calligraphy. Mher Urdu Naskh font also looks very good as compared to available Urdu Naskh fonts.

I congratulate you on your wonderful job.


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Nice work Zeeshan.
Thanks for sharing :)

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