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I'm pretty much sure that in at least one regard we are all the same. No matter what. And that regard is an ongoing questioning/expression to/of a higher power ... a.k.a. GOD.

I thought I'd offer up a means by which we all (as in the whole world at large) could express what we think/believe/know what GOD is ... so I created a little something called ...The GOD is Project.

It's pretty simple really, not much more than one page website. A site where visitors can state a comment as to what to them GOD is by typing in text and then clicking the Publish button. The best way for me to explain/demonstrate what I'm trying to say is by this gif...

...albeit scaled down from this full page gif:


The gif shows a quick look see at the page blank, the page with cursor hover-over ABOUT, and the page with cursor hover-over ARCHIVES. If my code genius guy gets it all done asap, the website The GOD is Project dot com will be upped in few weeks coming!

Do you think the typeface is appropriate for this project? And, what are your impressions of the site's appearance and the project in general?

Thanks in advance.

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Great idea, if you manage to compile/aggregate the results.
Otherwise, a bit too fartsy for me personally. :-)


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Ya thanks, we'll see how it goes...

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