Trying to get a font "close" to this

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This is a hand carved sigh. Trying to get a close font to recreate logo.
Letters for BRIDGE, R.V. PARK.

Thank you.


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I know it might go against the grain of the site, but... why not a hi-res image and some creative photoshop? Any "close" fonts would likely not be good enough, anyway.

Good luck!

Sorry, "likely not good enough" is assuming that, since it's hand carved, it might be based on art instead of an existing font.

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ITC Quorum Black is not a match, but if you fiddle around with the G, the P, the E, and the lower-right stroke of the K, and then stretch the whole thing horizontally, you'll be pretty close.

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Some filling, thickening of hairlines, and curve bending and Barclay Outline could do the job.


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