Demolition in Doosan borchure.

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This is a generic sans -- I don't care which one -- with special treatment to represent demolition.
I find the restrained treatment to be more effective than the customary extreme defacing of a font.
I got it from a Doosan heavy equipment brochure. It also showed more words with the same treatment, which I did not get.
I would appreciated any pointers as to the font name.
I know it's not the one in a previous Demolition thread:
It did not spot it in a Google image search for "fonts demolition" or at


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This one is very close if not matching to Uptown by Anthem Type.
More in the same vein: Impacted, Rock's Death, Raw, You Are Loved, Mr Black, Dead Kansas, Letterpress Headline, Dirty Bag
Having a look to some sections at DaFont could be helpful too, full of eroded post-treatment, most of time very well executed: Fancy > Eroded, Fancy > Destroy.
Best one so far for your 2 requests is Rust Bucket BA by Bob Alonso.

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Thank you Ryuk. As far as I can see Uptown is almost a match.
I also like Impacted and some of the effects in Mr. Black and Rust Bucket.
Followed your link to DaFont's Destroy theme & during my journey through 56 pages of many ways and degrees of destruction I did find a font with some applicability to the shell hole concept in my other request: Malevolentz.

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