Seeking excellent typeface designer to transform my outlines into a finished font

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I have a very exciting idea, which in a certain way is a breakthough in type design, but lack the skill to carry it through.

I've designed the outlines of a typeface, and I'm seeking a talented designer to turn it into a beautiful book face.

You are probably unfamiliar with the lettershapes. They are not English. I'll be happy to send more details upon application.

I think, more than anything else, for the English typographer, this will be an exercise very much like this:

That is, you will be given a set of shapes that you are probably unfamiliar with, and be asked to sculpt them into a match for a classic typeface. If you can pass Jonathan Hoefler's "test" with flying colours, then this job may be for you.

Requirements: An experienced, talented type designer with a proven record of producing a beautiful, elegant, classic book face. Please provide a sample of at least one such typeface you have designed.

If you think you are interested, for more details please email me at admin (at)


PS I have never commissioned a font before, and am unfamiliar with the price-range for such a job. I am aware that this is a big roject and I want it done excellently. It may be out of my range, so apologies in advance if it turns out that I've wasted your time.

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