Design work.?.

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I have browsed this forum and you Guys and Ladies are awesome! Wonderful works of art! Have read several posts and I don't want anything for free. Is it ok to post up a job or not? I am willing to pay! I have an idea for my new company logo and need your creative help.

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It's okay to post a help-wanted notice, but unless you're looking for a type-only logo be aware that most folks here aren't professional graphic designers.

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I have an idea for my new company logo and need your creative help.

Chef, as awesome as mine...


Note: All the various elements of this most awesome composition were google sourced and are still under copyright of their original holders.

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One that was made for me about 9 years ago...

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I like when you can use the words to form a picture...

The new words and picture I want it to draw is "Quarter Mile Café" and in the shape of a top fuel dragster.
A VERY VERY rough try as I am no Artist with the pen just a knife.

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Designing work for a company, whether an Automobile company or any other company is very crucial. Most importantly the company logo should be unique and attractive. The web designing should play its part over here and I suggest you to consult with best web designers for your designing work.

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