Single Line typeface

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Hey all,

Still kind of new here so please excuse my amateur questions. But there's a couple things I'm wanting to do.

We do a lot of engraving on a router where I work. And this is mainly just me being curious. Is there a way in FontLab or anything other building tool, to design a single line typeface, so that it keeps the same stroke width through different point sizes?

For example, at 72pt, the typeface will appear thin, but when dropped down the say 6-8pt, the typeface will appear heavier. What I would like to do be able to do is start designing a font family for different size engraving bits, as well as Regular, Condensed, Expanded variants.

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The simple method would be to create different fonts for each size, mostly by interpolating between the extremes. You could base the fonts on skeletal paths, applying different amounts of stroke value (Contour > Paths > Make Parallel Path in FontLab) according to target size.

The more difficult method would involve metafont technology, although it is potentially the most elegant solution.

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