(x) Paris 1919 - FF Bodoni Classic {anon}

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Aside from Futura, what

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These characters are clearly based on the late 18th / early 19th century French models. The bowl of the P is typical of Didot, but the ball terminal of the R is not. Also, the swing of the 9 is atypical of the period.

It's probably a Didot of some sort, but none of the readily available versions that I could find -- Linotype Didot, HTF Didot, Ludlow Didot, Ambroise -- has these idiosyncratic features. Perhaps someone with more time will be able to track it down for you.

-- K.

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That it does. Looks like the ad weight, but I can

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Never mind. I was using fontfont.de. fontfont.com has 72 pt. previews.

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You can use FF's font-tester to check that it is indeed
Bodoni Classic. BTW, this design reminds me a little
of a face that I've never seen in use (in fact, that I've
never seen at all but for a small sample in a magazine
years ago) that's Jonathan Hoefler's Grazia Bodoni.

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It looks like FF Bodoni Classic.

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Remember that Phil's Fonts has better FF showings.
Here's FF Bodoni Classic.

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