So proud to have my font as a matchmaker and spawning 2 children

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Thank you for making me smile! :-)

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And there's also:

Comic Sans, the Documentary

Comic Sans on Typophile.

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Indeed. Shared hatred over trivia makes the world go round.

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Posting on walls should be illegal especially a lawyers office. Americans can't you just look after yourselves and stop telling other people who to vote for and what to do and what to believe in. I have a Dream someday we will all die and someday we will all realize we are all from the same planet.

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Thanks, I enjoyed the video.

If there truly are "three levels of crazy" I know how I would stack rank Vinnie, Dave and Holly, but am interested in other's opinions. :-)

Cheers, Si

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I'd say Vincent comes across as the least obsessed in this video.

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The first commentary on Comic Sans which is actually fun. Good job.

>"Three levels of crazy."

I can name 10 levels, and that's just starting with frequent posters on Typophile :)

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