Crit needed

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I'm working on this logo for a multimedia design group. I'll post a few more revisions if need be.

The letters are d s, can you see them? Is it too heavy? General thoughts?

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I suppose I'd figure it out if I saw the company's title along side it, but I wouldn't have seen the d's with just this mark. Also, if left to my own devices to find letters here, I'd probably see either dS or ddS. As a shape, it is interesting.

Good luck!

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Yeah I'm trying to find a good font to pair with it. Thank you.

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Looks like a sexy typo for a fire-something to me.
Okay, it's Spring ;-)


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Thank you, I was aiming for something like that.

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I read a curvy 3d d but the s isn't working for me, maybe something a bit curvier (I don't want to contribute to Alessandro's sap rising:-)

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I see what you're saying, I'm trying to figure out how to curve it up without breaking the d.

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You may want to thicken the end of each of the points a little more so they don't disappear:


It might help to make the S more distinguishable.

- Lex

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Jesse, its a forced concept. If you are dealing with anyone other than designers they won't get it no matter what you do. Is the mark supposed to communicate something or is it just a design. As a design its nice, as communications it doesn't work.

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Thank you. Do you think I should use more obvious letterforms, or maybe just start over completely?

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Jesse, keep the mark but put the words it represents next to it. As the mark ages it will make it own idenity and can stand alone.

One last fear it looks like a logo for a natural gas company.

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First off, thanks to everyone here for all your helpful comments. I've been busy with another, project, so i haven't been able to put together any revisions. I'll post what I come up with next week.

I see the similarity to the natural gas logo, but I like the flame aspect of it. I need to think about it for a bit...

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we have this company in quebec

it's a natural gas company such as Daniel Weaver felt .....

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i agree with lex and his comments, get the edges of the charactres to be a tad more pronounced...

take care

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