The Best Futura -- 2013

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I want to buy a full family of Futura that includes multiple weights and ideally small caps/old-style numerals.
I'm leaning towards Berthold's Futura Pro, but I know there are several options available from other companies/designers -- does anyone have advice as to what the strengths/weaknesses are?
I know this topic was dealt with in a thread from 2006, which I did read, but I thought possibly more options or information would be available now.
Thanks for any thoughts you have.

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I would look at the version from Neufville Digital digitized in 1999

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I have been curious about those Neufville Futura releases for a long while, obviously they have looked intriguing, looking at samples, but has anyone actually used them with any success?

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Thanks for the advice... the Futura ND family does look beautiful and extremely well drawn from what I can see on
After comparing it to Berthold's Futura Pro, it does seem like ND's version is slightly superior... more sophisticated or nuanced.
If anyone has other opinions, I'd appreciate hearing them.


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You can get nice sample pdfs from the website

It also costs less than Bertold's

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