What is a satisfactory glyph order?

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What is the proper way to order glyphs? What order should they be in?

I'm using Robofont. I've heard there are different types of glyph ordering ('Names mode' or 'Index mode'). Thoughts?

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The modes in various tools are generally just ways of looking at glyphs in different orders. Index mode corresponds to the actual sequence of Glyph IDs in a font; that is, the order in which glyphs are stored in the glyf or CFF table. This order is generally something that you want to control, and to make intuitive for users of tools such as the InDesign glyph pallette that expose this order. There is no one correct order, but I recommend that you look at some fonts from major developers in the glyph pallette to see what kinds of approaches are used. Some foundries have a standard order for all their fonts; I tend to use a project-specific ordering since I'm making custom fonts and try to anticipate how specific users will want to work.

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