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In my last topic I created a logo for Tasty Morsils, I didn't really care for it. I created this logo/mark

I thought more into it and many times i think way too hard then i should and go basic. what does the name say? Tasty Morsils. Morsel? A morsel is defined as a small bite so I created a simple round olive circle with a simple chocolate chip cookie with a small bite/morsel in it.

What does everyone think?

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Here is a bigger version of the logo/mark that would maybe go on front of the t-shirts.

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Wow, you've really simplified it! I like the concept but think it needs some fine tuning.

To me it doesn't look enough like a cookie, although I'm not sure what to recommend. (For a moment I thought it was the moon.) And I'd try one big bite, not 3 tiny ones, and maybe try it without the crumbs. And I like pastels, but on my monitor these colors are too light.

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Making the chocolate chips (?) more irregularly shaped would make them look more like chocolate chips and less like holes in swiss cheese.

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Yeah i was thinking about doing that. I'll see what it loo
ks like!

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Here is an updated version!

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Now the chocolate chips look too much like chocolate chips. Their style is in conflict with the intense modernism of the rest of the logo. I would try making them just various oval shapes. I also think an oval shape for the cookie would be more dynamic and interesting, and still be in keeping with your modernism.

I’d also change the colour scheme to something warmer. Green seems just wrong for a bakery.

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This is definitely an improvement. Simpler is often better in the world of logo design.

Some suggestions. May or may not improve things...

- make all the 'chip' circles the same size. Right now with them different sizes it feels a bit like craters on the moon.

- note that a stylized bite mark would be in a semi-circle shape with equal sizes scallops (teeth marks)

- per David's suggestion, make the cookie darker the plat lighter. Might make it less 'moon' like.

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Perhaps some depth, a little more of a 3D look would help. I know that flat design is a current trend, but maybe a little shading would help define the shape as a cookie. And David makes a good point about the color.

For inspiration you might try doing a search for "cookie icon" at Google images and at some stock art companies like iStockPhoto.

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I take it "morsel" is supposed to be misspelled, yes? Is it a name?

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oh, c'mon. Spelling? Personally, I design for looks. I seriously need a second set of eyes to find the spelling mistakes afterwards.

(craigomahawx , what's up with te spelling??)


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optically the cooky design is not centred over the text.

The text seems a little light to me (either weight or colour, take your pick.)
the word "Bakery" especially. I don't see any problem with being ambiguous with the image, burt the text needs to be unmistakable and legible.

there were some aspects about your first attempt that were worth keeping. the pallet in particular was quite nice. What ever might be said about gluten free in the future, baking will always mean wheat. Baking with quinoa will be represented by wheat stalks, just because it is so ingrained in our brains. you bake with flour. Flour it represented by a stalk of wheat. no one you know has actually seen a stalk of wheat, so... it's OK. Just do it.


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Thanks for the suggestions everyone! But my client chose my other logo;

Opinions? I think i need something added to the cake. And yes morsils is spose to be spelled that way, Sils is there last name so thats where they get the sils part in morsils.

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Your Client SUCKS

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I personally like the green one better but hey, its what they want right?

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Haha yeah, BTW the zig-zag badge is a little messed up(below where it says "cupcakes"). You may wannn fix that.

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Most of that type will be illegible when the logo is small:

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Yeah I agree, though I am in the process of making a bigger size.

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It demonstrates how difficult it is to set type on a curve. It needs a lot of finessing to repair it, the Y especially, is floating free of any baseline.

I would start with beefing it up for business card size then re-look at the character relative positions.


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If you want to keep all those words in the logo, one option is to prepare 2 versions — one for large sizes, and a simplified version for small sizes (business card, small web ad, etc).

But that's more work for you, and the client may use the wrong one (I've seen it happen).

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