Band Logo (My First Script!) - Crit Needed

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This is somewhat of a pleasure personal friend project, so I thought it would be a good time to challenge myself to create my first custom script. Having made it to this point and facing a bit of a deadline, now I'm aching for some critique from those more experienced than myself.

I love how the "R" and "o" interact and I've been trying to base the rest of the script around those shapes. Overall, I'm really liking the direction here, but there are some areas that are really giving my headaches- The "L", lowercase "r", "e", and just some of the weights and curves in general. I've also been trying to incorporate some kind of underline element like what is below, but I'm not sure how to carry that through and balance it out on the "Lunar" side.

Any thoughts and advice are super appreciated! I know that there are some glaring areas here, but feel free to nitpick on the details if you so choose.


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The loop of the L looks hesitant and weak in comparison to the sharp quickness of the R. You should probably lose the loop and make the L of two strokes. This will make it easier to elongate the bottom stroke across the word to balance the other underline. Since they will be near each other, plump the end of the underline and shape it to look similar to the end of the L, rotationally.

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Thanks cerulean!

Removing the loop of the L is helping a lot but still not feeling right yet... Working on it now. I'll post an update soon.

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Here's where I currently am with this. I've adjusted every part of the L, while making it bigger and the R smaller. The R felt so overpowering.

The underline of "Rogue" still feels really awkward to me. When it extended under all of Rogue, it weighed the whole thing down, so I've shortened it, but I'm not convinced this is the proper solution. I tried making it follow the same curve as the L (flipped horizontally), but that wasn't quite working either.

What do you guys think?


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No thoughts from the great type minds here? :)

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Does "lunar" refer to the moon? If so, have you considered incorporating a moon image into the logo somehow?

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Yes it does refer to the moon. I've actually been trying to avoid moon references, though. This is meant to be more of a representation of the classic-style melodic music that the band produces. I had thought about it though :)

The band already really likes this, so I'd really love some nitpicking on the detail work of the logo; really making sure that all of the characters are fluid, cohesive, and well-crafted. I'm really not sure If I', sold on my execution of the L, r, e, underline, and weights of the characters.

This truly is my first script, so I feel like I really need the critique. It's a bit daunting.

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