Seeking Cyrillic fonts with "forked" yat

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I'm looking for Cyrillic fonts that have a "forked" yat similar to the ones in Old Standard v2 or Linux Libertine. The intended use is for the web rather than print, so unfortunately that rules out a high-contrast face like Old Standard.

I've already browsed all of the serif faces at that supports 19th-century Russian orthography, and have also looked at just about everything at The forked variant of the yat character seems to be pretty rare.

Linux Libertine has a fairly neutral appearance that would be OK for the intended use, and the yat fits the pre-revolutionary feeling I have in mind. However, there's something about the high bar in the lowercase "e" that says "not a traditional Cyrillic letter form". So I wonder whether Libertine is considered to be a good or bad face for Cyrillic.

Something like Leksa would be great -- but as far as I can tell it lacks the yat variant I'm seeking (unless there's a stylistic variant that's not shown in the glyph maps).

Any opinions welcome. Thanks!

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Nick Shinn's Scotch Modern has a forked yat.

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Thanks John.
I was going to mention that, but Adger had ruled out high-contrast faces.

But if this is for the Web, perhaps Scotch Micro might not be too bad:

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Ah. I didn't register the comment about high contrast typefaces. But the forked yat is very much of that style, and will be much less common in other styles.

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