Sans pairing for Emigre Tribute

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I'm hoping someone has experience or a good hunch here.
I've been using Tribute for headlines and body on product labels, as well as throughout the brand.
Now I need to size down the supporting copy (all choppy fact bites) on the labels to 8/9 pt, add more of it, and think it's time to add a sans.

Thoughts for what sans might feel good with Tribute and have a straightforward factual style?
Thanks so much in advance.

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My Sensibility is very compact humanist sans, with eight weights, so would give you a lot of design flexibility. Its partner Sense is plainer, but also with the marked overshoot of ascender over cap that would harmonize with Tribute.

My Brown is more straightforward and also semi-condensed, and its detailing gives it a slightly old school/letterpress quality to match Tribute.

Storm’s Sebastian has classic old style proportions, as do Mr Eaves and Brandon Grotesque with their small x-height.

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thanks Nick!

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