Font from romanian book (1913)

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Please help me identify this font from a romanian book dated 1913.

Thank you very much!

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Sorry... After I clicked "save" I saw that this wasn't the place in which to post font ID requests. If an admin can move it to wherever allowed... Thank you!

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That is an unusual face and probably would make a nice revival if enough resource material is available. I do believe it is hand-set rather than by machine.

I looked through my foreign foundry specimens (French and British) but cannot locate it, nor in the US foundries either. I'm uncertain as to where a Romanian book publisher of that era would go for type, perhaps a Russian foundry. Unfortunately I cannot find a Russian foundry specimen book.

If you do identify it, please post the name here for our information. In the meantime I will keep it on my list of to-be-identifieds.

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You might contact František Storm. The face bears some resemblance to the Tusar that he offers. (It isn't the same face, it just has some of that flavor.)

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Hi! I tried to find something about the foundry... All I can say is that the book was printed in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, in a german typography, in present day Romania (right on the Romanian-Hungarian border).

Thanks for the help! I'll keep searching myself...

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Yes, you might get some useful responses if you post this in You have to do this by yourself. Your sample has some good earmark letters -- such as the A, f and e -- that might trigger some digging. If you have more text, particularly if it has letters such as R, K, G, M, Q and W, it would be helpful if you included that in your post.

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