Think Bodoni Poster, but Monoline. Does it exist?

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I'm searching for something in between a script and an italic typeface. With character, but still very legible.
I've always loved Bodoni Poster Italic, but it is of course quite heavy in many occasions.

I would like a monoline font, preferably in various weights. Any ideas?

best regards

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I’m not sure what you mean, the highly contrasted duolinearity is one of the defining features of a bold Bodoni.

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Sanderpe, I agree.
Nevertheless, I am interested in if it sparks any thoughts somewhere.

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I’ve designed a couple of sans serifs with somewhat scripty italics:

Bodoni Egyptian®

Archer and Ideal Sans are in a similar vein.

All these faces have lots of weights.
Is that the sort of thing you meant?

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Nick Shinn's Bodoni Egyptian

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Mr Eaves also has a very scripty italic.

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Shinn, Bodoni Egyptian is exactly what I had in mind!
Beautiful work - I especially like your '7'.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

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