Modern sans-serif with descender on f?

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I'm working on a wordmark that leads out with the word "flying" and I love the look of a descender on the f. So far I've only found this on Verlag italics, which are lovely but are also quite pricey. Can you think of any others?

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upright sans + descending lower case f + not too expensive = Exljbris Anivers (free font)
if an italic sans will do as well, your choice widens considerably

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I presume it’s sans serif italics that you’re after.
Here are a couple of mine:

(I also have Bold and Extra Bold Italics available, although not in general retail release.)

(Lots of weights.)

It’s really not a problem to manually extend the stem of a sans, but here is one pre-drawn anyway:
Fedra Sans

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Fedra Sans is the first thing I think of. But isn't customizing any geometric sans /f/ to descend something that any good wordmark designer should be able to do him- or herself?

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I certainly could do it myself, but I'm pretty new to working with type and perhaps overly worried I will do something clumsy and upset the aesthetics/proportions of the face. But maybe this isn't a big deal for such a small change?

Lovely suggestions, thank you! I hadn't looked at Anivers in a while but it is compelling. Fedra Sans is also quite nice. (I love the italic f in Sensibility too but the overall look isn't right.)

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