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apparently, I got the image right, but the text is gone...
so, here comes the brief: this is the rough sketch I did for a russian client, ang he liked the logotype enough to drop the suggested symbol.
however, there are things bothering me about the overall balance. maybe you could suggest some tunings to make it look better.
and the second issue: though there are only a few letters displayed here, do you think these have potential to be extended into a full character set? do you have any recollection of similar fonts?

thank you all,

george // cellsius creative

P.S. this is my first attempt at designing lower cases. please, don't be too harsh :-)

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As shapes, I like it. What's the company about?

As a logo, it might need to be a bit darker, but the "e" and "a" are already too cramped, so try making the "n" (especially) and the "c" and "o" narrower. The thing at the bottom of the "el" is too subtle, and as a result out of character too - but don't make it curl (it would create more color problems) - just make it straight. The "c" is structurally superb, just make the top-right curve more round and remove the slight flare from the bottom finial.

I think it could work as a font. If you go that way, do something original with the caps (maybe uncial forms), since your "a" is already unconventional (and we already have a lot of boring caps).


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As letterforms you may be on to something
(with some tweaks), but as a word mark, you
may have more work to do. Show us some
context--is this a steel refinery or a
housewares store?

I agree about the e and the a... open them up
a bit.

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I like the Metsys lettering. I have done plenty of mods to Metsys myself. I took the liberty of
doing a few tweaks I think may help you in solving your problem. The Metsys "n" is really nice, I think it could really helps define the "a" as the rounded "a" you did is perhaps a bit illegible without the context of the rest of the surrounding letters. I would also widen the "e" and "a" as shown. Hope I was of some help.
Elanco mods.jpg

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I do like it.

one thing that strikes me about this, in all
of its versions shown, is how the first three
characters call attention to themselves. Because
of this, and only in my opinion, the last three
characters seem less important. hmmm. Need the
right words.


Because the 'e' and the 'a' have so much
character, the focus, through my eyes only perhaps,
isn't evenly distributed(?). Or in
other words, the logo looks to be only
those three letters because of this visual

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Huh, I think Tiffany's right.
George, what if you severely shorten the
diagonal segments in the "e" and "a"? I'm
talking about the logo here, not the font.


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