Another vintage font ID please

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There look to be 2 fonts in this ink stamp type logo- any ideas for close or exact matches for the two please?

As always, really appreciate all your input!



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Can't name any of these two unfortunately. Some suggestions of alternatives for "RECREATION": Euro Sans, Globe Gothic LTC, Radiant EF, Carisma, Oil Can, Castle

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Spent some time in going through the usual suspects, and some lesser known ones, including digital efforts from the 1990s, and did not find a 100% match.

However, Carisma Semi-Bold or Bold, with width compressed to 80 percent, is almost a perfect match:

If you want to fish for similar fonts here is a Myfonts listing of "thick and thin" fonts.

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Thanks Don for putting in image my suggestion for Carisma. No idea of what could be the other one?

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Hi Ryuk, if the font for the center part was squeezed, then perhaps the font for the outer part was expanded. Problem is that at this scale it's difficult to catch any earmarks.

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Personally, I think it's all hand-lettering. Look at how different all those S:es are. It might well be based on a font, though.

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Carisma looks to be a good match for the 'recreation' part- thank you both.

Will try expanding as suggested by don...apologies for the image quality- attaching a close up in another post...dunno if it'll help at all...

Thanks again for your help.

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Fair point birdseeding but I think diffs could also be due to the way the ink has taken to the fabric?

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