Can't edit any glyph - all grey!

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I did something unintentionally, while I was sorting my glyphs, anyway - my tools are all grey/translucent now and I can't change a single thing. "erase tool" is grey, "knife tool" is grey, "elipse" - everything. I basically can't select any of the tools, nor a single dot when I open glyph window and I don't know how to undo what I just did. I quit and restart, but the problem remains.
I attached a snapshot.

Thank you for your help!

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To answer my own question - Select Window/Panel/Editing Layers - pop-up window will appear. There are many boxes one can show, snap or LOCK! E.g. all layers, outline, guidelines, hints, masks, etc… UNCHECK "LOCK OUTLINE" THE 3RD BOX IN THE 2ND ROW, unless you really for some reason want to disable ALL the EDIT TOOLS.
Mensch! These new computers with their supersensitive touch pads can make you go crazy - I totally wasn't aware I had this box checked! Anyhow - problem solved - by myself - comme d'habitude!

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