double O ligature fonts

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I am looking for fonts which have the double-O ligature.
The only ones that spring to mind are Mrs Eaves, Esta, Estilo...

Do you know of any other?


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Berlin Sans.

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Optima Nova Titling Capitals and -- of course! -- ITC Avant Garde Gothic, which seems to come with a double lowercase o (as seen in the image in my link, at least).

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What about the good old Avant Garde Gothic? Upper case? Lower case?

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Brilliant. Thanks a lot!

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Exljbris: Calluna
HVD: Livory
Sudtypos: Esmeralda Pro, Monroe, Uma
Positype: Magneta
DSType: Finura, Andrade Pro, Kartago, Nerva, Estilo Pro
Canada Type: Orpheus Pro, Jupiter Pro, Ronaldson, Lancelot Pro
Green Type: Patriciana

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That's great! Too many to choose from now...
Thank you.

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