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I have some new logos to post, let's start with this for an architect company. I've used the classic compass/architect ideia built from the first letter from the company name (A). The "swoosh" (oh my god) reflects the Q tail and need more work (this is just the sketch) and induces the compass movement.

I'm quite happy with the type used and classic mood I take from the logo.

Any critique that could help improve it?


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i like it a lot, i think you reflect in a very good way the "managment of spaces" ( did i express it o.k.) arquitects have. in order to improve this you should try other weigths on the curve that form the bar of you A, i think is a like weak

nice color

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Hi cristian,

yes, I know right now the weak part of it is the curve that complements the A. I'll work on it and post a new version. thanks for your time.

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Isn't that "A" too soft/imbalanced on the bottom-left?


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I've made a new arc and made the left bottom A a little stronger (from bottom to top).

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Is the arc supposed to suggest a 3-dimensional form? It
looks a little off at this stage, neither flat nor spatial.
However, it is a fine mark: refined, and relevant.

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I don't think the logo needs a 3D form, in fact i would avoid that. The purpose of the arc is to

1. complement the A with the Q tail feeling
2. indicates that the compass rotates around the left a arm.

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Adriano: I like it very much. It is very elegant.

I don't mind that the left stroke of the A does not have a "footing". But I also see what Hrant is reacting to. Could this be solved by reducing the weight of the right-hand stroke and perhaps the size of the serif?

One other point: I have this urge to push "ARQUITECTOS" to the right and space it so it aligns with the serif of the "A". How would that look?

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I just remembered a logo I did 8 years ago for an internet provider. If you want a cringe-worthy swoosh, check this out... (Please note: This logo was heavily art directed by the client. I disclaim all responsibility.)

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I like it at an overall view, but with a second view I don't know, maybe it is that I see a little out of balance the sizes of the logo-text and the logo. You said you wanted to play with the curve and the Q tail and need more work: I think that is a good and nice point. Maybe playing with that the first, the rest (the sizes), will come up naturally. Why don

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I also like the idea of picking up the tail of the Q as the shape for the arc. It would tie the two together nicely.

I must say, however, that the first instance is quite elegant.

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in my opinion the logo concept is great. i don't like swooshs so much.. i think if the swoosh was more calligraphic then geomatric, and so alittle more complex in its dynamism, it would be nice, and compliment the A more.

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I have only one opinion, its very delicate, are the designs of the client delicate, do they design highways or just maybe apartments, ask yourself does the logo represent the kind of business.

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Thanks for all you feedback. The client does very minimalistic works. He also does some old houses recovery. The mood fits the client. I'll try that caligraphic "swoosh" :-) thanks again, I'll upload a new sample next week.

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I really like it so far, even if i just realised that it
reminds me, a bit, of the current, italian 'Autogrill'
Brand / Logotype.:


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Here's the current status of this ID.

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... 2x

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I'm thinking you should do something with that tilde (virgulilla), instead of a swoosh.


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Someone could fix this buggy posting? :-)

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The tilde having 2 diretions ruins the motion of the A compass... The swoosh has the Q tail ending... I'd be more than happy to leave the swoosh, any ideas?

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this IS a nice concept, but if you wouldn't have mentioned the compass, I wouldn't have seen it (that might be due to the fact that the swoosh indicates a motion that the left arm of the compass - the right arm being the one defining the center of the circle - isn't very likely to do ... if I see it right).

Anyway, the "A" does have a technical feeling.

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... The right arm would make the circle, the left would just spin as the center of the circle. That's what I see on the A. Hum...

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The compassness is nice because it's not so literal.

Also, I'm with Itay K... feeling more caligraphic rather than
geometric will help this thing.

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