Mystery sans

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“Rose of Cimarron” (Poco album cover, 1976) sans text.
I posted this in the font ID section, but it wasn’t identified.

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I'm also interested in knowing what the name of this reptile is.

That half-hourglass-half-cat ampersand and sloppy vertical alignment make it very attractive. Does anyone spot a /U/? I wonder how it was distinguished from the plastic-cup /V/.

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There is a /U/ in the third block, third line.

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Nick — I recognize this, but I’m on the road right now and don’t have access to my specimen books. I believe it would be in either the 1923 ATF or the Barhardt Brothers & Spindler ca. 1925.

Sorry, I won’t be home until after TypeCon. But maybe this lead will be helpful.

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The Uppercase Letters was released as "Gotham Series" by A. D. Farmer, New York, ca. 1890. Cut by the Punchcutter August Woerner

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Nick — FWIW, something stuck in my head keeps telling me that this might have been called “Novelty Gothic” (or something like that) by BB&S. But my memory could be completely off base.

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I was wondering if Tom Wilkes might be available to answer the question, but alas, he died 4 years ago. He was also the creator of Dave Mason's first solo album, Alone Together, which featured an elaborate die-cut foldout on the sleeve and a disc made of swirling multicolored vinyl rather than the usual black. Whoa, I think I just had a flashback!

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Kent is right. It’s Gothic Novelty Title from BB&S Catalog #25. I used the uppercase letters to form the lowercase of my font Mazurka NF to complement Carl Junge’s Swagger Initials.

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The lower case is not as successful as the upper, as some of the characters are stiff by comparison. I guess the challenge of doing a lower case to match the 1890 version successfully is still open.

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Why don’t you give it a try Bill?

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Other projects :)

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