Squared Sans Serif

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I'm looking for this font or something that's very similar without the distressing.


Octin College
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IronOn comes close, though I think there is a Letraset font that is closer (though I can't remember its name at the moment).

Octin College and Octin Vintage (distressed) are also very close.

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Thanks for the great recommendations kthomps5!

Anyone else?

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Confirming kthomps5 suggestion for Octin College. That looks definitely to it, /S is the earmark.
And now, as requested, a big bunch of alternatives: United Sans, Hoboken Sans, Liberator, Haymaker (Tuscan median spurred), Pop Warner, Jefferies Jaynz, Bou College, Jefferies, Amarillo USAF, High School USA Sans, LHF Old Block, Skin & Bones (distressed), Vincent, Vehicle, Directory Board, Abolition, Prohibition

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