wide blocky "Brock"

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does anyone know what font this is? Any help is appreciated.


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I think this may be ( poorly ) custom drawn, or customized..
( The 'k' seems 'rather' narrow, compared to the other characters.. )

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no, the company that had this done says it is a font, they want to use it for other things, but i have no idea what it would be. I tried the whatthefont identification thing on myfonts too. Any help would be really, really great. Thanks all!

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Jeremy, convince them since its their name, its unique in that face and would be lost if it was used for other communications. Then you could use a nicely designed face.

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This really looks like some weight of GoGo... maybe GoGo Squat?

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> I am actually looking at the research in the light of designing a face myself as opposed to finding a face that is already in existance.

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Something is going wrong with your posts, because I think you started out wanting to talk about designing a font for a special purpose. Your posts have showed up on several threads, completely out of context with the ongoing discussions. Click on the HOME page and look for the appropriate forum and then locate 'Start a New Thread'. Then you stay with that thread to enter your posts.

I hope this helps.

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> sorry for the confusion...

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Does it need to be an exact match? Because Shimano Round
might get you where you need to be.

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