A Basic Type Study

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Being a current fine arts student, I completely agree with David Cabianca's view of typography in that it is completely "undervalued, misused and misunderstood." It seems, in my recent years of college (design), that the trends for learning the necessities of basic design, like typography, are all but prehistoric. It seems the educational goals for some schools has shifted or become influenced by strict economic goals.

So, in my recent educational withdraw from learning the basic necessities of typography, I created a Typeface Survey to understand the expressive behaviors and ability to distinguish similar typefaces (serif vs. sans serif) of typefaces for my thesis, and anyone who would like to view the results. While researching a thesis topic last year, I became interested in cultural and social perceptions of typefaces.

Please check out my basic survey and add to my collection of data:


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Hi, you ask for "The first descriptive word for this typeface that comes to mind" But give examples of "weddings" and "invitations" - these seem more like applications or styles of use rather than "descriptive" words.


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I just went with the most frequently typed word for a script (from this study) when I put that text up. If anything, I have noticed that people have a hardtime coming up with single word, especially when multiple sans serif / serifs are presented. The door is essentially open for any input. Thank you I will reevaluate that line! - Brett

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