Monospaed fonts for body text

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Hello all,

Can anyone tell me which monospaced fonts work best for printed body text?


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That’s impossible, one can only say what one prefers.
I quite like these:
FF Letter Gothic Mono
Alix FB

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Thanks a lot Nick!

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I would be inclined to say that none of them work well enough to be tolerable.

However, in the old days, people did put up with typewritten copy, and it was readable enough. And there were a couple of typestyles for the Selectric, such as Bookface Academic and Diplomat, which even resembled serif typefaces.

I'm not sure that they're equalled by any monospaced typeface currently available, since now that proportional spacing is easy, monospaced typefaces are intended to look like typewriter faces so as to contrast with normal typefaces.

EDIT: There may be some choices out there.
resembles Diplomat;
resembles Prestige Elite;

Lucida Typewriter seems to be worth consideration as well.

EDIT: Oops! In going through MyFonts, I ended up finding two Nick already mentioned!

This one didn't turn up in my search:

but while the glyphs look all right, there appears to be too much spacing between the letters to make it a good choice.

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