Terminology question - Monospaced Sans-Serif

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A bit of an odd question, but what is the correct terminology for the exceptions in a typeface that contains no serifs at all, except for the problematic ones: i,l,I, and 1.

This kind of typeface is normally found in screen-space areas (non-print). Most known example for this would be the Verdana family.
This would mean that Verdana is not a pure grotesque font, but neither is it a full grown serif font as well. What is this "kind" of typeface called? Are there special terms that these odd-ones-out are called?

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If the only serifs are to distinguish the "lI1|" group, I'd still call it sans-serif. I've seen some faces referred to as "semi-serif" but never found a definition I thought adequate for that term.

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This is not a clear category, other than by exclusion: all one can say is that it is non-serifless:

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I would count the J in Officina and Verdana as being serifed.

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Thanks for the replies, that cleared it up a bit!

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