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I realise this font has been based off Phaeton.

Just wondering if anyone can suggest some alternatives that look similar to the treatment that was done?


many thanks

(Phaeton alternatives)


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Tendrils growing everywhere!
Some searching for "Art Nouveau" fonts should yield something similar.

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Some I like, same ballpark: Polyspring, Ultramarina, Memorial, Helenium, Virgin

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Thanks Ryuk for the ref to Virgin. New to me & perhaps closest to the flavor of "Phaeton Organic-Tendril".

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Checked out Phaeton & love the font:
Here is an endorsement from ilovetypography.com:
---start quote--
by Kevin Cornell & Randy Jones
A brilliantly talented and prolific illustrator (& writer) hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Part super-hero, part … something else, you probably know him for his work at A List Apart, the Superest, or Mojo.
Looking hand-drawn and with its trousers pulled up high, this condensed serif display face is oddly wonderful. Randy Jones was just the right chap to bring Cornell’s lettering to digital fontdom. Wobbly cup serifs and a smattering of bouncy ball terminals combine to make this single cut a delightfully eccentric face that’s really fun to use. It bears some of the hallmarks of Jones’ Olduvai, and comes replete with numerous wordmarks and pictographs, plus a number of stylistic alternates. I wonder what Batman and Robin have up their other sleeves.
--end quote--
Link to Olduvai.


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cheers guys! appreciated! big help :)

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