Opinions on the MS Gisha types?

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A client is looking for feedback Microsoft's Gisha, which has shipped with Windows since Vista. They're particularly interested to know whether this design is popular at all, especially in Israel, and whether the design has any flaws that might affect its popularity. I told them I would ask here, and also contact some colleagues in Israel, since I don't have direct knowledge of how widely, or not, the font might be used there. General comments on the style of the design, on specific letter shapes, or on technical aspects of the fonts are all welcome. Thanks.

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Hi John,

My name is Or and I'm living in Israel.
To be honest, fonts provided with Microsoft's products are most of the time the ones that every graphic designer in Israel keep a fair distance from.
MS Gisha is not popular in Israel at all. For my opinion it is a little bit weird...
The shape of the letters Noon (נ) and Gimel (ג) looks a little bit awkward as well the letters, Yod (י), Vav (ו) and Final Noon (ן):

The most popular font in Israel these days is:

- Or Harel

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