Fontlab 4.6 Problems...

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Hi all, I've just started making fonts for the first time and am having a few problems...

I've been importing designs from Illustrator as EPS's. All was going well, until I hit the letter 'f'.

I've done a-e and when I tried f and other letters, it doesn't show them in the table view.

When I re-open the glyph, it's not there, but its about half way to the edge of the page, moving left. So they are going in, but Fontlab is moving them around miles to the left, and not showing them in the matrix/table window... its moving the verticle guidelines too, but I can still see the horizontal ones, hence why I scrolled around to see if I could find it...

Hope you can help me out, looks like it could be good for my project, but a-e isn't soo impressive. :-(

Thanks loads, Rob.

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I'll upload the exported font too see what you think, looks mad! :-)


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Try disabling Preferences / General / Do not rescale EPS files.



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Your a star, thanks Adam.

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I have another question if thats ok.

I currently have all my glyphs in and ready, but the kerning is tight, so they all sight right together, how do you go about opening it up a bit? Preferably and automatic system?

I've tried the kerning and metrics assistance, but it doesn't seem to let me do anything.

Thanks again.

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Aha, found my answer, this program does everything... :-)

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Thread moving to BUILD area.

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