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I am creating a wordmark for a brand called "Invisible Mothers".

I would like your opinions / critiques on which one you think works best, or if you have any suggestions on a font I should use.

Invisible Mothers is a movement to help make mothers more visible in society. We often take Mothers for granted, so we will focus on the importance of mothers by launching a campaign to support these initiatives.

Here are some samples I've created from different fonts:

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To be honest they all look dated to me, like logos from a few decades ago, and for an organization focused on mothers they don't seem feminine. And I don't care for the linking of the "i" and the "t" because it creates a focal point that's not interesting or meaningful.

Sorry to be so negative, but that's my first impression looking at them.

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I really appreciate your feedback ~ good or bad, I welcome all constructive criticism. Do you have any font suggestions in mind for this wordmark?

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I agree with JamesM. It is a quite boring logo - nothing you haven't seen before.
If it was me, who was designing this ID/logo I would probably suggest something a little humorous. When i first saw this post I immidiatly thought of "The invisble mothers" as a group of superheroes very much like "The Incredibles". I would defentletly try to create something kind of superhero alike.

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The name begs for incorporating a mother / motherly love / etc. reference into the neg space of the type. Ligatures look forced.

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The phrase "Invisible Mothers" seems a little depressing to me. Like saying "Forgotten Mom" or "Insignificant Mothers". Seems to be reinforcing a negative to me. Doesn't seem like it's a positive theme in the wordmark relating your message. Seems like "Appreciated Mothers", "Visible Mom" or "Important Mothers" is more along the theme you're wanting to promote...

For a font, maybe the newly released "Cantoni" would work:

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None of them look particularly motherly. I think you need a more feminine or softer font.

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If the point is to make mothers more visible, then why "invisible"?

None of the logo's is inspiring, actually they make me think of an ordinary movie or reality show.

My suggestions:

- Don't "stack" the words on two lines, with same width, that looks too rigid. Let the words follow each other;
- Stay away from predictable wishy-washy handwritten typefaces, unless it's masterfully well-done;
- Try a font like the Aubade logo It has a sense of style, with a feminine twist.
- Maybe try to accentuate "invisible" (if the word makes sense to the brand) by leaving out certain elements of the word, a letter or the dots. Not sure this will work.
- Maybe accentuate the "o". Phonetically, it's the name's "centre of gravity". Due to the round shape it is a more "friendly" letter. Try creating something within the "o", initials or whatever. An element being contained in a circle could communicate "protection" or belonging".

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The original post was over a year ago. I'm sure the logo was finished a long time ago.

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