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I am creating a wordmark for a brand called "Invisible Mothers".

I would like your opinions / critiques on which one you think works best, or if you have any suggestions on a font I should use.

Invisible Mothers is a movement to help make mothers more visible in society. We often take Mothers for granted, so we will focus on the importance of mothers by launching a campaign to support these initiatives.

Here are some samples I've created from different fonts:

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To be honest they all look dated to me, like logos from a few decades ago, and for an organization focused on mothers they don't seem feminine. And I don't care for the linking of the "i" and the "t" because it creates a focal point that's not interesting or meaningful.

Sorry to be so negative, but that's my first impression looking at them.

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I really appreciate your feedback ~ good or bad, I welcome all constructive criticism. Do you have any font suggestions in mind for this wordmark?

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I agree with JamesM. It is a quite boring logo - nothing you haven't seen before.
If it was me, who was designing this ID/logo I would probably suggest something a little humorous. When i first saw this post I immidiatly thought of "The invisble mothers" as a group of superheroes very much like "The Incredibles". I would defentletly try to create something kind of superhero alike.

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The name begs for incorporating a mother / motherly love / etc. reference into the neg space of the type. Ligatures look forced.

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The phrase "Invisible Mothers" seems a little depressing to me. Like saying "Forgotten Mom" or "Insignificant Mothers". Seems to be reinforcing a negative to me. Doesn't seem like it's a positive theme in the wordmark relating your message. Seems like "Appreciated Mothers", "Visible Mom" or "Important Mothers" is more along the theme you're wanting to promote...

For a font, maybe the newly released "Cantoni" would work:

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