Monroney Label vehicle sticker

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Can anyone tell me the font of the attached. I am in desperate need of finding out quickly...Thank you in advance for your help

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So, this is a General Motors printout for a Cutlass from circa 1970 -- note the muscle car specs, engine 350 V-8 4 barrel carb, pre-70s inflation prices and AM push button radio; at least it has seat belts. My dad had one, it was a blast to drive!
Perhaps an internal font to the pricing computer -- which could have been an IBM mainframe or something bespoke for GM.
Fortunately, there IS a digital match -- no gross differences -- produced in 2005 by Ray Larabie as Linefeed.

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Chainprinter by Ray Larabie (Typodermic) even has the dot matrix look.

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I like Letter Gothic.

EDIT: just seen the post date... Nevermind, Linefeed is perfect and this post is useless. Moderator, you can delete this one.

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