Creating a ks ligature with modified Myriad Semibold

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I'm working on customizing Myriad Semibold for a suite of products for my organization. One place I'm having difficulty is with the word "Talks," specifically the way the foot of the k bumps into the s when spaced tightly. (Myriad Semibold with -25 letterspacing is the base for all the wordmarks, which I've then modified.)

Here are some attempts at resolving the k/s pair.

The one I've been leaning towards the most is the last one - I like the way the k bumps into the s and suggests script or a serif, but only on the bottom. I don't like the way the s' tail (terminal? finial??) ends above it, so I've tried a few things. But it's proving tricky and downright unsatisfactory:

Maybe the top two have the most potential; although I felt that the way the k suppresses/cuts off the s was antithetical to the nature of the product (lectures for students).
Any tips, possibilities or references to ks ligatures would be much appreciated!


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And by "top two" in the bottom paragraph, I meant the top two in the first group of images.

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Hi, I would like to suggest you keep working on the third, I like the "connected" feeling of it. I don't know how it could work if you throw the ligature lower than the baseline, it might give you a more script feeling. It's only a suggestion ;)

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Thanks! I'll try that out.
Yeah, I like the scripty feeling too.

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moramedia - Took your advice and tried to extend the foot a bit:

Also did another one that tried to play with the potential in the k/s to suggest mouth/speech bubble... without getting too cutesty...and without breaking Myriad too much. Not sure if it was successful, but it was fun.

What do you all think? Any suggestions/critiques would be much appreciated!

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I think the most sensible solution would be to slide the s behind the k. Similarly to how you did in the very top option (from the first post), but with a smaller gap. Then, if you look at that option, it lacks the self-consistency due to rounded corners that you added. I'd consider ditching them and just go with the original shapes (or at least changing them in a way that preserves angular appearance). I think tucking the s behind the k is enough to shape the wordmark.

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