Electra - Metal?

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The face is Electra, but is it metal?

My hunch is yes, though I pause only because
the book was last printed in 1969 though I just purchased
the copy with its newly designed cover two months ago.

The book, "A Special Providence" is by Richard Yates.
(I don't recommend it - try his Revolutionary Road first)

Anyway, it's at least a worthy exercise to see Electra in
metal(?) if only to understand how radically technology
can alter the original intent of a typeface.

Electra metal

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I guess I should add - is there any reason to believe this
sample is photo type? If not, was it common to set a book
in metal during the late '60s?
(the generous page color, rich inking and casual baseline
lead me to believe it's metal)

If it helps, the book was originally published by Knopf.

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It's hard to tell, but considering you mentioned a newly designed cover, my guess is this has been photographed of an original (probably galleys or a pristine copy) and offset webprinted.

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