Arabic preview in Font Book

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I made an Arabic TTF with AAT for Mac which also includes Roman char range.
I want to have Arabic char samples in preview of Font Book (as default and not custom set in Font Book) but it shows Roman samples. Arabic fonts bundled with OS X do show Arabic samples by default (and Chinese and Japanese samples for those fonts)
How do you do that?
I use FontLab and Apple font tools for OS X.

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I'd like to know this too, Behnam. I hope to design an AAT Arabic font once I know more about Arabic.

Maybe if no one here has an answer, asking on an official Apple mailing list would help. If you do get an answer, please post it here. :-)

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I just learnd how to do MIF for Arabic script (in a very basic way) and I'm working on it right now. This language identification of the font is not necessarily related to AAT but maybe to other issues more general in fonts or at least common in TTF fonts. I doubt that MS Arial which inludes Arabic range has any AAT but it still shows Arabic samples in Font Book.

I'll post here if the Arabic AAT font I'm working on was successful.

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