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Please post your Font Identification requests to:

The new system will allow us to track font classifications, and who's solved it.

Thank you-

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Excellent work! I hope this will clear up a lot of the font-ID bleed we've been having.

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PS. Perhaps a big, prominent link at the top of the forums/front page would help even more in addition.

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OK will give it a try.
When I loaded the type ID forum & saw the short list I thought: OMG where did everything go!
The old system was very difficult to work with in tracking down nodes based on uninformative titles like "Help me!"
Hope the revised system works well.

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any hope of seeing the lovely "new post" indicators like on the old board? or response count? i really like those features. helps me sort who has been helped and who has not.

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Absolutely. Please, shoot me any key feedback you want to see in that top-level list and I'll do my best to work it in if its possible.

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Agree with defiantone.
Really miss the red dot indicators that show which threads have new posts.
Find I am opening threads that I have already read.
Also miss the response count.

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ooooo that was fast :)

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This makes it *so* much easier to scan the tracker and segregate the TypeID request. Thanks!

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I'm hesitant to bog the listing down with too many columns of info. Hoping that this gives us the critical info.

Having some trouble getting the "new" indicator to behave properly.

Ideally I'd like the left-side "Top Participants" to actually be a leaderboard for the "Solved By" column. Keep your fingers crossed....

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saw that. those two features were all i'd ask as of now. like Don says... otherwise I'm continually looking at threads to see what i've already read. You'll get it straightened out :)

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I agree that the "new" indicator is the most important element to add.
Some more notes:

a) The last poster (which were shown in the old id forum) is also a convenient piece of info.
Example 1: If a request has 1 reply and the last post is the original author the request is probably not yet solved (I know that this is supposed to be replaced by the "solved" flag, but I'm afraid this will not be updated until a request reach the 2nd page of requests)
Example 2: Even if a request is solved I'm personally interested in following and reading comments of specific posters.

b) I notice that the messages I post by replying to an id request, do not show now in "My Profile->My Posts".
As there is no other method (email notification, etc) to know that a new message has been posted in a thread I participated, I used a refresh on ""My Profile->My Posts" page to check if there any responses to my messages.
Is there any alternative?
If not, is it possible to enable the posts to be shown in "My Profile->My Posts"?

Thanks for all the effort to make the font-id section better ;)

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Good feedback, Fivos. Let me see what I can address here.

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Now how about a "tracker" page that excludes ID board threads?

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Now how about a "tracker" page that excludes ID board threads?

oh, YES, please! :)
Been wishing for that for years...

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Some people measure quality-of-life by things like movies and shoes.
For me, it's things like this.

Thank you, Jared!


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Thumbnails are great!
But how is it coming with the new posts red dot indicators that we used to have?

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If the idea is to direct newbies to the proper forum, wouldn't it be better to link directly to the new forum on the Forums page?

Instead we have a 3-step process where they 1) click a link labelled "OLD" in red (and I assume some see that and don't read the light gray type below it), then 2) click a link to read the "forum has moved" article, and then 3) click a link to go to the new forum.

This isn't a criticism, I know you're working to make things better, but it just seems like a direct link might be better for new folks.

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I agree with James, the top menu needs revision.
As we know, people are still active on the old board.
Is there some way of freezing new posts to it so that a new post pushes the thread to the new board?
And where are the new post indicators?

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still hoping for the new post indicators, as well as the most recent post id (so i can see WHO responded to the request).

also seeing some very weird things with how the attachments are showing in the post. the image link seems forced way over to the right and overlaps the forum/site navigation links instead of being left justified.

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