More "feminity" into a wordmark design

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Hello there, anyone can help me with this?

I've been working on the wordmark for an apparel shop. Their consumers are mostly men. However they also sell women clothing. I presented some sketches and they liked them but they thought they were manly, so I was asked to make it more womanly. I can't figure out what they meant typographically thinking.

What would you consider makes a typography in this vein more feminine?

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Maybe introducing some thick/thin contrast?

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Less robust, thin, spencerian script, "33"?

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That's what I've been thinking lately. I should try it. Thank you

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I'm not quite sure about spencerian script for this. It might become more girlish but I'd like to explore the idea.

Thank you

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The blockiness of "PUERTO" (especially the U and O) gives it a masculine look, like lettering on a sports uniform.

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that’s a very nice looking wordmark. Looks quite good so far, but indeed very ‘manly’. The flat top 3 looks also very masculine, aggressive and strong. A thick/thin contrast would be hard to realize —I think— why not making the wordmark a lil bit thinner at all?


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Hi thank you for all your comments, I've been working on it. I tried to play with thick/thin contrast and made it a bit wider. I kind of like the results, though there are some thing I'm not quite happy with.

I feel the “T” is not wide enough. Although I like the feel of the “U” and “O”, I'm not sure about the “O” shape. Finally, I haven't figured out the look of the "33" but I'll keep working.

I'm very happy with the feedback provided by this community, I don't know why I hadn't signed in before. You're great guys.

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Hey moramedia,

that’s looking good so far, much better than your initial sketch. There is a certain feel of the ‘Prada’ logo, very elegant but not to fancy.

In my opinion the serifs a wee bit too tiny. What about making them bigger, especially the serifs of the ‘T’ stem to small —I think.

Apart from that, keep up the good work!

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