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Would any Typophile here have suggestions on how one might begin to create a type effect like this:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18213862/PA.jpg ?

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One way would be to put the type on one layer, create another layer with white and clear stripes above the type layer, merge the two layer, then judiciously apply Gaussian blur.

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Here's three more ways...

Common to all is to begin the process by creating a stripe pattern, and select that pattern contract the selection save to a new layer that selection. Reselect the wider stripe pattern and contract the selction then feather the selection and copy that to a new layer. By now you should have three stripe layers ...one master stripe pattern, one wide feathered stripe pattern, and one narrow stripe pattern. In your layer stack hide the master layer, show the wide feathered stripe pattern and place the narrow strip pattern layer directly above the wide feathered layer.

From there the fun begins...

Top example is simply a type layer placed in between the wide feathered stripe layer and the narrow stripe layer. Set the Blending mode to Overlay. The type is then rasterized and blurred.

Middle example is a little more intricate and perhaps the most accurate and flexible (which imho makes it the best type effect technique). Place the type layer under the wide feathered stripe layer. Then use the Oval Tool to draw out an oval and use that oval on each and every section of each letter shape which you want to create the effect. Do this by scaling the oval and then go > Make Selection from the vector oval. Feather the selection at will and then delete the selected parts of the wide feathered stripes to create the effect.

Bottom example is something like the middle example except not nearly as flexible nor coolio ...but it is quicker/easier. Place the type layer under the wide feathered stripe layer. Duplicate the wide feathered stripe layer and merge that dupe layer with the type layer. Select all the section of the type in between the stripes and expand the selection, smooth the selection, feather the selection and then delete those sections. For this technique to work there must be another type layer of the same color placed just above the background layer.

Any questions just fire away.

Hope that helps.

Having said all that I'm sure there must a plugin for this style of fx.

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Thank you oldnick!

And a BIG THANK YOU to 5star! Amazing, really, thank you kindly. I can not wait to try this out.

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