Bevel Font History

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking into the use of Bevel fonts (see example image below) and I am struggling to find a history of the font - where it came about/why it came about/any decent foundries that specialise in Beveled fonts.

If anyone knows anything about Bevel fonts i'd really appreciate it.


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Hi Robski. What have you found so far? You will find you have significantly greater success eliciting assistance if you can demonstrate what you have accomplished on your own. You may also wish to consider using your real name as your screen name. It used to be somewhat of a convention here, and it has been my experience that it results in being taken a little more “seriously.” It also makes addressing people by name easier and less confusing, but that’s a personal decision.

Good luck, and may the fonts be with you™.

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Although I credited Dave Davison for the inspiration for this font, I learned subsequently that Dave [patterned his design after a woodtype typeface from 1848...

One possible reason? Larger point size, less ink used?

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Hi Nick. Like your Double D. Note the similarities, and differences, with this sample from the George Bruce's Son & Co. catalog of 1882:


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