Korean fonts - retroactive license needed for use in logos?

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I'd like to help a friend in a design company in Korea. She has told me that there is growing frustration amongst designers in korea caused by 'Korean typeface companies".
They are sending legal notices to design companies and clients demanding more fees or penalties for 'using their typefaces for
corporate and brand logos without signing an additional agreement and more fees in accordance to a new rule' that they instilled
a couple of years ago. This means they are paying an additional fee and sign another licensing agreement if we use it for a logo even if they have the original license for the typeface.

In addition, they are getting these notices for cases as far back as 6-7 years ago when they didn't have this 'new rule' in place.

Does anyone know anything about this? I suspect that the EULA's are in Korean, so as a non-speaker i can't get much further.

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Foundries involved:
- Yoon Design www.yoondesign.com
- Sandoll www.sandoll.co.kr
- AsiaFont www.asiafont.com
- Heumm www.heumm.com

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