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My family and I are planning to visit the Netherlands in June for a couple of weeks. We are interested in visiting type-related places, not just in the Netherlands, but within easy travel distance from there as well. We've already got some ideas, but are looking for suggestions.

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The Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp should be good to visit, but confirm that they are open ahead of time, since I've heard that it isn't always possible to gain access.

The Ensched

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Plantin-Moretus is one of the things we have in mind. Thanks for the advice about checking ahead of time, and for the other suggestions.

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By coincidence* I was looking at their website this morning. The opening times are in the practical section.
*The coincidence was reading the second part of an interview with Matthew Carter in Creative Reveiw this month, part of which described how he helped his father to catalogue Plantin's collection.

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