Recommendations for a traditional style "farm" font

I'm putting together some signage for a farmer friend, and he really wants a conventional "farmstand" aesthetic. He showed me an old sign from his barn (attached) that he really likes, and wants something along the same lines. I realize many traditional farm signage was hand lettered, but I really am looking to purchase a font in this case, mostly for the sake of time. Anyone know of a good source? My first instinct was Letterhead Fonts, but nothing there really did the trick for me.

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ARGHHH...sorry. Didn't mean to post to General Discussion. Yes, I read the rules, just selected the wrong thing.

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You haven't reposted this to another section yet, so I'll go ahead and put my answer here.

If this is for a small farm stand (eggs, vegetables, etc sold by a family member in front of a farm), I think a hand lettered sign would be far more appropriate than a slick, professional sign. In fact when I was a design student in college, my professor used a farmstand sign as an example of a situation where a crude, hand-lettered sign on a piece of cardboard or plywood was entirely appropriate, and communicated the proper message.

As for the screen shot, that might be appropriate for a company selling farm equipment, but not for a farmer's child selling eggs by the driveway. If you want to use a font, I'd suggest looking for one that looks handwritten but is easy to read and perhaps has a bit of style, as if the farmer's artistic wife made it.

(But if this is a bigger setup, like a building or large professional stand that's more like a retail store, then that's a different situation.)

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It just so happens that Klim Type has released Domaine today. It has similar sharp bracketed serifs as shown in your posting.

Here it is in narrow:

Alternatively, there's Turnip. It smells like a farm animal, and I don't think I'm getting that from the name alone:

Best of luck!

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My Beaufort® also has some of the qualities shown.

However, I would agree with James’ assessment, and suggest Baker Signet™ as having a classic formality, but with a more hand-made appearance.

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